As a true partner, Aeromapper is by your side to support, advise and assist you in your operations.


Aeromapper emphasizes a thorough, high-quality training, key factor in the success of your missions.


Contact us wherever you are, we will offer assistance and will be happy to help you make your missions a success.

By your side

Whether you need our help in achieving a mission or in purchasing a drone, Aeromapper will remain by your side as a partner. As our success depends on yours, we dedicate specific ressources to help you in your technical choices and to answer all particular requests. To opt for an Aeromapper product is the guarantee of having a reliable and efficient team throughout the product's life cycle.


Aeromapper conducts pilot trainings on AVEM UAVs, particularly to operate BLOS long range missions. This high quality training is made in an operational perspective to make the trained operator entirely autonomous in successfully completing all kind of missions. Your pilot will be trained through in-depth theory and hands-on modules with a strong focus on flight safety.


We always have a large stock of spare parts and digital tools to respond to any unforeseen events. Even abroad, we can help you fix your system so you can resume operations as soon as possible.