With its rugged carrying case, you can safely and easily move your ground station around the world.


Wireless and powered by rechargeable batteries, the ground station is designed to be very easy to use.


The control interface has been developed following aeronautical codes and guarantees absolute safety.


After a short training, the pilot will be comfortable with the interface, and ready to operate the AVEM in all conditions.

Ground Control Station

On the Go!

The Ground Control Station has been designed according to the reality of operations: lightweight, easy to store, it can be transported in a single rugged case. This rugged case can take a pounding and safely be sent by air cargo. Once on-site, you will need less than 3 minutes to deploy the tools and be ready.


The Ground Control Station can be set up on any type of terrain in only a few minutes. The whole system is wireless and battery powered, allowing a full day of operations without having to recharge. Designed for ease of use, once set up, you can forget about it and focus on your mission.

Flight Monitoring

Safe & Reliable

Designed according to the rigor and codes of the aeronautical industry, the flight monitoring interface offers all the necessary informations for the pilot to monitor and ensure the safety of the operation: battery charge, position, altitude, heading, speed, wind, forward video, ... Thanks to this interface the pilot can control the drone and handle any unforeseen event, notably thanks to a powerful alarm management system.


The flight monitoring interface has been designed to be intuitive. Simple to understand and efficient, the pilot will quickly feel confident to ensure the smooth conduct of the flight. Beside the ability to monitor all flight parameters, the pilot can verify the quality of the imagery in real-time.