Forget complex and time-consuming calculations, Aeroplanner let you plan your missions in a few clicks through a simple and intuitive interface.


In just a few minutes, plan all kind of missions from the most simple to the most complex ones.


Whatever the mission and area characteristics, Aeroplanner helps you efficiently prepare your flight plans.


Aeroplanner has been developed to avoid long and tedious calculations. You want to create a flight plan and integrate specific datas like picture overlapping, resolution, altitude, focal length? Aeroplanner is designed to help you. After a few clicks, you get your flight plan, and are ready to take off. Aeroplanner also allows to define the UAV's evolution area and no-fly-zones.


A few minutes are enough to integrate all mission and field parameters. Even in the case of flights in montainous area, Aeromapper includes a worldwide elevation database that allows to adapt the flight plan and its associated altitudes according to the topography. The flight plan can be modified at any time, even on the mission site before takeoff. Something to modify or an area to add? A few moments later, you'll be ready again for the mission.


Aeroplanner integrates all the tools needed to guarantee a seamless operation and compliance with all your customer's requirements. No need for tedious calculations, Aeroplanner deals with everything and even gives you your estimated flight time. Planning your missions and your workday has never been this easy.