Precision viticulture

Optimize the quality of your harvest

Based on NDVI mesurements, our vine vigor maps allows to :

  • Define your picking areas
  • Optimize harvest dates
  • Fill tanks homogenously
  • Optimize plot fertilization
  • View and count dead plants

Improve the profitability of your plots

  • Prevent over or under fertilization to maximize yield
  • Benefit from up to date vertical imagery to have a global view of your vineyard and follow the evolution of your vines throughout the year.
  • Fill tanks homogenously and improve your product ranges to increase your turnover

Why choose our system?

Our drone data collection technology allows to work closer to the vines (150 meters above) without compromising it. More accurate and more flexible than any other method like satellite or sample collection, our UAV allows to collect vineyard health data quickly and cost effectively. With a resolution 80 times greater than satellite imagery, our solution analyzes each vine plant of your plot and is no longer limited with a global view.


Feel free to contact us to exchange a few ideas on your needs and start setting up a customized solution.

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